Dr. Winch has had a private practice in Manhattan for over twenty years in which he sees individuals, couples and families. To inquire about availability and fees please complete the contact form and choose ‘Psychotherapy Inquiry’ from the dropdown tab. 


Dr. Winch is New York State Licensed Psychologist. However, he does not accept insurance. Clients with out-of-network mental health benefits can receive reimbursement for psychotherapy services according to their plans. Please note, Dr. Winch does not take assignment. Check with your health insurance provider to determine your out-of-network reimbursement for a Ph.D. level licensed psychologist. 


Dr. Winch works on an as-needed basis—the frequency of sessions and the duration of treatment are determined on a case-by-case basis and with mutual agreement based on need, urgency, and other considerations. Dr. Winch has an open-door policy—clients may choose to take a break from psychotherapy (usually, following an initial course of treatment) and return at any time for brief or extended follow-up visits (availability and scheduling permitting). 


Dr. Winch requires 24 hours’ notice to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. Please note that late cancellations are charged in full. Thank you. 


Payment is made at the conclusion of each session. 


Please complete each of these forms only AFTER you have been instructed to do so by Dr. Winch. Thank you.