MARKA 2015

MARKA 2015

Dr. Winch is an in-demand keynote speaker who brings the latest research findings in emotional health to organizations, companies, and events worldwide. His expertise in managing the psychological challenges of daily life, building emotional resilience, increasing productivity and functionality, improving workplace and personal relationships, enhancing communication, and maximizing well-being and life satisfaction, coupled with his sharp humor and personable delivery make his talks, workshops, and presentations as entertaining and memorable as they are substantive and practical.

Popular Keynote Topics:

1. How to Practice Emotional First Aid

We all know how to treat physical injuries like cuts and scrapes when we sustain them but we ignore everyday psychological wounds such as rejection, failure, loneliness, guilt, and rumination. Psychological wounds can also get ‘infected’ and they impact our lives in unexpected and detrimental ways. Dr. Winch shares the science of treating psychological injuries and reveals how to boost our emotional and physical health, improve our functioning, increase our emotional resilience, and turbo-charge our life satisfaction. 

2. Improving Emotional Health in Companies and Organizations

Dr. Winch pulls back the veil on the surprising ways common psychological experiences negatively impact our productivity, motivation, creativity, and overall functioning in our professional lives. He provides insights, techniques, and tools to overcome their destructive affects, identify blind spots, manage stress and distress, and create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. 

3. How Complaining Customers Can Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Are complaining customers a liability or an asset? Dr. Winch unpacks the psychology behind complaining behavior and provides an exciting new perspective on complaining customers as a company’s biggest asset. Customer complaints contain a treasure trove of valuable information and complaining customers can be turned into a company’s biggest fans. A talk that reveals how companies and organizations can leverage customer complaints to reduce customer attrition, increase customer loyalty, improve products and systems, and boost the company’s bottom line.