Loneliness, anxiety, grief — dealing with the mental health impacts of the coronavirus

The Boston Globe

We can see this mental health crisis coming, yet we lack both national and international programs to address it.

Bummed Out by Your Small Family on Thanksgiving? Psychologist and TED Speaker Guy Winch Has Brilliant Advice


As an only child I’m often asked whether I was sad and lonely growing up without siblings. To which I always answer, not at all. I had an active and social childhood and didn’t miss what I’d never had, with one major exception: holidays.

Guy Winch: How Can We Choose To Move On From Heartbreak?


We don’t consider heartbreak to be as serious as physical injury, but emotional pain can stay with us much longer. Psychologist Guy Winch says dealing with heartbreak starts with asserting control. Guy Winch is a licensed psychologist who works with families, couples and individuals. Winch has focused on the topic of mental and emotional health for the last 20 years.

You’re Probably Complaining the Wrong Way

The Atlantic

The words vent and complain are often used interchangeably, but really, they refer to two different forms of expression, each with its own aims. Venting is about seeking validation and sympathy, whereas complaining comes with a concrete end goal—in many cases, getting someone else to do something differently. Generally speaking, the psychologist Guy Winch says, people do a lot of venting, but “we are afraid to voice complaints, and for good reason: It often doesn’t go well.”

Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously

Scientific American

Doug’s amateur soccer team had just lost its playoff game, and Doug needed a pick-me-up. He decided to stop by the local animal shelter on his way home because puppies always put a smile on his face. He was by no means looking to adopt an animal, but Delia, a five-month-old mutt, changed his mind. “I had her for 17 years,” Doug said, wiping away tears in our psychotherapy session…