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“The Squeaky Wheel is wonderful, loaded with psychological insights and practical tips. Laugh-out-loud fun to read!”—Rita Emmett, author of The Procrastinator’s Handbook

“Guy Winch clearly outlines, using entertaining stories, new methods and benefits for both consumers and those dealing with complaints. This is the most stimulating contribution to the field in a decade.” —John Goodman, Vice Chairman, TARP Worldwide

“With Dr. Guy Winch as a ‘complaining coach,’ readers can master this elusive but essential skill, so central to self-assertion and finding one’s adult voice.”—Jeanne Safer, author of The Normal One

How to Complain Effectively to Get the Results You Want

In the days of the horse and carriage, we complained much less and when we did, our complaints were more likely to get results. Today we complain about everything—yet most of us grumble, vent, and kvetch, neither expecting nor getting meaningful resolutions. Wasting prodigious amounts of time and energy on unproductive complaints also can take an emotional and psychological toll on our moods and well-being. We desperately need to relearn the art of complaining effectively.

Psychotherapist Guy Winch offers practical and psychologically grounded advice on how to determine what to complain about and what to let slide. He demonstrates how to convey our complaints in ways that encourage cooperation and increase the likelihood of getting resolutions to our dissatisfactions. The principles he spells out apply whether we’re dealing with a rude store clerk, a bureaucrat, a coworker, our teenager or a spouse or partner who’s driving us crazy.

Complaining constructively can be extremely personally empowering and it can significantly strengthen our personal, familial and work relationships. Applying our newfound complaining skills to customer service representatives, corporate leaders, and elected officials increases the odds that our comments will be taken seriously. If we all complained more effectively, squeaky wheels could change our own lives, as well as the world, for the better.

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