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MY NEW BOOK: EMOTIONAL FIRST AID: PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR TREATING FAILURE, REJECTION, GUILT AND OTHER EVERYDAY PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURIES Will be published in July 2013 by Hudson Street Press and will be available in hardcover, eBook and audiobook/iTunes.

Synopsis: Although we have bandages for cuts, chicken soup for colds, and ice packs for bruises, most of us have no idea how to treat day-to-day emotional injuries such as failure, rejection, guilt, and loss. But these kinds of emotional injuries often get worse when left untreated and can significantly impact our quality of life and cause damage to our emotional wellbeing.

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific common emotional wound and explains the short term emotional injuries that we sustain and the long-term psychological fallout that can result if we leave these injuries untreated. The second part of each chapter offers concrete, easy-to-use treatments, all of which are backed up by hard cutting-edge science that we can administer to aid in our recovery.

I use relatable anecdotes about real patients I’ve treated over the years and describe fascinating psychological experiments, and due to my background doing stand-up comedy, I’ve also added a dose or two of humor.

Emotional First Aid is a psychological medicine cabinet, a tool kit that can protect our mental health and increase our emotional resiliency.

Check out Emotional First Aid on and read my first media interview related to the book here: Rejection Therapy: Can You Really Train Yourself to Avoid Getting Hurt? via The Globe and Mail

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I want to know if your book “Emotional first aid” is available in spanish in Mexico City and if you
know the title.
Thanks a lot and congratulations!



    The title of Emotional First Aid in Spanish is: Primeros auxilios emocionales: Consejos prácticos para tratar el fracaso, el rechazo, la culpa y otros problemas psicológicos cotidianos